SNAP Bile Acids Test

Evaluate liver function; begin treatment immediately

A fully quantitative in-house ELISA for the measurement of serum bile acids, the SNAP Bile Acids Test lets you:

  • Assess liver function
  • Identify occult liver disease
  • Help rule out portosystemic shunts when test stimulation is normal
  • Monitor response to treatment

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Everyone benefits from accurate in-house bile acids testing

Here’s why:

  • The SNAP Bile Acids Test is the most sensitive, easiest to perform and most liver-specific of the liver function tests.
  • Serum bile acids is a much more sensitive indicator of hepatic function than serum bilirubin or albumin, which often return to normal long before liver function does.
  • The ability to evaluate liver disease in-house during client visits enables you to provide immediate solutions for their pets and helps you build stronger client relations.
  • With fast, in-house results, you can better manage your time by eliminating the need for pet-owner callbacks and multiple appointments.


Confidently assess liver function

In a 2005 method comparison study conducted by IDEXX Laboratories, both preprandial and postprandial serum samples were collected from 861 patients (734 canine, 127 feline) and analysed for bile acids concentration. Testing of each sample was performed on both the reference method (Bile Acids–L3K from DCL) and the SNAP Bile Acids Test.

Overall agreement for both canine and feline patients combined:  95.2%

Based on the bile acids results from both methods:

  • 521 patients were “low”
  • 192 patients were “high”
  • 131 patients were “inconclusive”

These results indicate that the SNAP Bile Acids Test, used in combination with the patient’s clinical signs and symptoms, effectively allows the veterinarian to determine whether there is decreased liver function.

View the 2005 Method Comparison Study

Get a more accurate read on your SNAP tests with the SNAPshot Dx Analyzer.

The SNAPshot Dx Analyser reads and interprets test results for you, eliminating any doubts or subjectivity for more accurate, consistent answers.

  • Self-calibrates its illumination level for each SNAP test at the beginning of each test run.
  • Uses an improved optical system for better LED illumination.
  • Captures and saves cleaner images with a state-of-the-art digital camera.

How To

1. Pipette the serum sample and add the conjugate.

2. Gently invert the tube 3 or 4 times to mix the sample and conjugate.

3. Incubate the sample for 5 minutes.

4. Pour the sample into the SNAP device.

5. When colour first appears in the activation circle, press firmly to activate. You will hear a distinct “snap.”

6. Insert the SNAP device into the analyser.

View the package insert for detailed instructions.

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