SNAP Pro Analyser

With ProRead software, your SNAP tests take care of themselves

  • The SNAP Pro Analyser automatically activates, times and interprets your SNAP test results for you.
  • View interpreted results at a glance for quick, accurate health assessments and better staff efficiency.
  • Connect for the benefits of two-way integration: reduce missed charges and automatically include results in your patients’ medical records.


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Three easy steps

  1. Enter and/or select a patient.
  2. Prepare the test.
  3. Insert the SNAP device.


The SNAP Pro Analyser helps the Androscoggin Animal Hospital

Hear from the staff of this busy practice about how the SNAP Pro Analyser helps improve testing accuracy and efficiency while making it easier to share results with clients.


One SNAP can change everything

Watch how SNAP technology delivers superior diagnostic accuracy – and see what you may sacrifice when you use a test without it.

White papers and peer-reviewed literature:

​ Accuracy of the SNAP 4Dx Plus Test ​



Dimensions & weight

Width: 2.5 inches (6.35 cm)

Depth: 4.5 inches (11.43 cm)

Height: 4.75 inches (12.065 cm)

Weight: 1.45 pounds (0.66 kg)

View full technical specifications: SNAP Pro Analyzer Operator’s Guide

Test menu

Infectious Disease Tests

SNAP 4Dx Plus
SNAP Giardia
SNAP Parvo

Cardiac Test

SNAP Feline proBNP

Pancreatic Tests


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