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When it comes to caring for your patients, you know accurate test results are just the beginning. That’s why only IDEXX Reference Laboratories deliver more.

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Next generation veterinary diagnostics


IDEXX SDMA is a new test to help evaluate kidney function. It increases earlier than creatinine in some animals with chronic kidney disease. Unlike creatinine, SDMA is not impacted by lean body mass. Learn more

Cardiopet proBNP

With the Cardiopet proBNP Test, a simple blood draw is all you need for quantitative analysis of your feline and canine patients’ cardiac health. Learn more


The IDEXX Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory now offers real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing. Exceptionally accurate and surprisingly affordable, PCR can now be part of your routine test menu. Learn more

Spec fPL

The Spec fPL test detects the level of pancreatic lipase in your patient’s blood and provides information about the cat’s pancreatic health. You’ll be able to make diagnostic and treatment recommendations with greater confidence.

Spec cPL

The Spec cPL test helps you quickly confirm or rule out canine pancreatitis for a better understanding of patient health.

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Sample collection and submission guidelines

  • Ensure the samples have clotted. Centrifuge 30–120 minutes after collection.
  • Separate serum into plain tubes. Label tubes with patient’s name & time of sample.
  • Submit tubes containing separated serum. Submit request form.


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