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Cardiopet proBNP Test – for canine and feline heart health

Get more information about your canine and feline patients’ heart health with just a simple blood draw.

Manage and monitor your cardiac patients by adding Cardiopet proBNP to your cardiac protocol.

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Cardiopet proBNP Test

The Cardiopet proBNP Test provides a quantitative assessment of canine and feline heart health by measuring the concentration of NTproBNP, which is released by cardiac myocytes in response to stretch and stress.

Request the Cardiopet proBNP Test as part of your cardiac workup when you order routine blood work.
  • For dogs – establish a baseline for monitoring after you first hear a murmur.
  • For cats – screen cats at risk of heart disease, with or without clinical signs.
Common Cardiopet proBNP test codes
  • CBNP — Cardiopet proBNP Test—Canine (ABNP for Add on)
  • FBNP — Cardiopet proBNP Test—Feline (ABNF for Add on)

Enhance patient care through earlier detection and treatment with easy-to-understand, quantitative results and interpretive criteria that guide next steps.

Minimally invasive

Order as a stand-alone test or as part of a chemistry/CBC profile. The Cardiopet proBNP Test requires only a small volume of blood, and since no special tube is required, the specimen submission process is simple and easy.


Perform this simple blood test to support your decision to recommend potentially costly follow-up diagnostics or a referral to a specialist.


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