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A diagnostic partnership that revolves around you and your patients

This unique partnership gives you testing flexibility and access to our entire portfolio of tests, tools and innovations that help you stay at the forefront of care.

  • No capital investment or lease required
  • No maintenance fees for analysers

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Equip your in-house laboratory and practice at no charge

IDEXX analysers, diagnostic imaging systems, and practice management software are yours, at no charge, with our easy-to-meet growth commitment.

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Add integrated software services to provide more value

IDEXX practice management software integrate with services that streamline your information management and communication. Each software service you add counts toward your commitment.

Gray icon representing testing options at the IDEXX Reference Laboratories or your in-clinic laboratory
Test in-house or at our reference laboratories

Every test counts toward your commitment, whether you test on your IDEXX analysers, run SNAP tests, or test at IDEXX Reference Laboratories.

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Receive personalised support to help you grow your business

An entire team of IDEXX professionals is dedicated to supporting you and your practice, whether you want to consult on a case or talk about how to address your business challenges.

Build your suite of IDEXX analysers, tests, diagnostic imaging tools, and services

Choose any or all of the following – available at no charge. Simply use IDEXX tests and services to meet your commitment.

Catalyst One Chemistry Analyser
Unprecedented clinical insight in one sample run during the patient visit

ProCyte Dx Haematology Analyser
Comprehensive, accurate results for confident clinical decisions

SediVue Dx Urine Sediment Analyser
The new standard for urine sediment analysis

IDEXX VetLab UA Analyser
Consistent interpretation and automatic capture of IDEXX UA Strip results

SNAP Pro Analyser
Automatic device activation, timing, and interpretation of your SNAP test results

IDEXX VetLab Station
All your diagnostic results in one convenient place

A diagnostic partnership that revolves around you and your patients

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Note: Subject to additional terms and conditions and may not be available to all customers. IDEXX 360 provides analysers, diagnostic imaging systems, and practice management software at no up-front charge in exchange for a multiyear commitment agreement.


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